Florida State League

Rules & Procedures

The FSL allows select teams in the state of Florida to play in a league that will qualify them for the FYSA State Cup tournament. Divisions include both coed and girls U13/U12(11v11) – U19.
Teams are selected through application and acceptance based on:

– past league record
– tournament results
– prior year State Cup & Region Cup performance

FYSA rules and regulations are in effect except where noted.


1. Each team in each division must play a minimum of four FSL games throughout the seasonal year (August 1 – March 1, approximately).

2. To use FSL as a Region Cup or State Cup qualifier the minimum games required must be completed and results posted as required by the FYSA. See www.fysa.com. In the event FYSA requires any kind of documents like game reports, rosters etc. it is the teams responsibility to provide it. FSL will post all games on www.fslsoccer.com using the gotsoccer system.  Reporting game results is the responsibility of the winning team.

3. Rescheduling Games:
The team with a scheduling conflict will have to contact FSL prior contacting teams involved to get approval. FSL will not reschedule any games for the following reason:

– Coach is not available (teams should have an assistant coach or DOC who can fill in).
– A team is playing and scheduled to play in another league.

Any games that cannot be played must be forfeited by the party with the scheduling problem.

Should teams reschedule any games without the approval of FSL it is their responsibility to find fields, referees etc. In case the games will not be played all games will show as a lost on the schedule/standing.

4. Player registration is defined in the FYSA Rule Book and Registrar’s Manual.

5. All participants are bound by the FYSA Code of Ethics.

6. Rules of play shall be FIFA Laws of the Game, except as modified by USYSA, FYSA, or FSL.

7. Field space reservation is the responsibility of the host club.

8. If league champions are to be determined in an age group, the point system will be three points for a win and one point for a tie. Games may result in a tie during seasonal play.

9. Players may not participate when wearing an orthopedic cast. FYSA rules apply. ALL players must wear shin guards covered completely by socks. No jewelry of any kind is to be worn during games.

10. League fees must be paid before the first game of the season. Each team is also responsible for providing an official roster to the referee before the beginning of each game. In addition: no pass, no play

11. The referee should report any unusual game action such as cautions, ejections, game stoppage, “no-shows”, etc. to the League for review. The Referee does not award a forfeit! Forfeits are awarded by the league after review of the referee report.

See www.fslsoccer.com and see “Referee Link & Fees” for further information.

12. Game Reports/Incidents: In the event of two yellow cards or reds, the winning team must secure the game report from the referee and submit to www.fslsoccer.com through “Discipline Link”.

13. Guest Players: Four (4) guest players from within club are allowed. Only players who are primary rostered to the club can be considered as a Guest Player.

14. Players may not play down in any age-group nor may any player guest down to an age-group below their normal age-grouping.

15. Length of games:

2 games in one day
17-19: 2 x 40 = 80
15/16: 2 x 35 = 70
13/14: 2 x 30 = 60

Single Games
17-19: 2 x 45 = 90
15-16: 2 x 40 = 80
13-14: 2 x 35 = 70

16. Game Dates:
FSL will post game dates (incl. rain-out) prior to a to league commitment date. Once committed the teams will have to keep these dates open. FSL will NOT schedule any league games on Labor Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day.

1. Coaches or managers falsifying a player’s registration or team documentation shall be subject to discipline measures up to and including expulsion from the league and notification to FYSA.

2. A team in bad standing may not play until the infraction is cleared. Examples include lack of proper documentation, non-payment of fees, poaching, etc.

3. Disputes are resolved by the Director of Discipline.

4. All red cards must be reported within 24 hours to the Discipline Director Fees and Fines http://www.fslsoccer.com/contacts/
Players receiving a red card will serve a minimum of a one game suspension in the next sanctioned game; more depending on the nature of the foul or misconduct reported by the center referee.

1. Referees for each site are the responsibility of the site’s official referee assignor.

Referees who do not start games within 15 minutes of the allotted time without proper cause will be reported to the DRA. Referees present when games are cancelled due to no shows shall receive their pay for that game.

2. Any team delaying the start of a game in excess of 15 minutes without the required prior notification and permission from the other club representative shall forfeit the game by a score of 4-0. Failure to reschedule or postpone the game shall result in an automatic 4-0 loss and a cancellation fine of $100 plus ref fees and the team may be placed in bad standing. Notification of game time change/reschedule must be given in writing to the site referee assignor.

3. If a team drops from the league after the start of the season, there will be a $500 fine per game payable to FSL. Failure to pay such fine within 30 days will result in designation as a team in bad standing, and shall be reported to FYSA.

4. Players receiving a red card will serve a one game suspension in the next sanctioned game. Three red cards in a season shall result in a letter of reprimand and suspension from the league with notice to FYSA. Red card violations also require a $25 fine per player, payable to FSL.

5. Only violations of this league’s written rules shall be subject to protest. All protests and appeals shall be submitted in writing to the Director of Discipline, who will make a recommendation to the Board for resolution.

6. A team will notify league officials 7 days in advance before canceling a scheduled match. Failure to do so may result in a fine up to $500.00, the team being placed not in good standing, the team having all its games nullified.

7. A team that fails to meet commitments during season may be required to post $500 in advance of the next season to the FSL.