FSL League Games Game Durations

2 games in one day                                      Single Games
19 and Under 2 x 40 = 80                             2 x 45 = 90
18 and Under 2 x 40 = 80                             2 x 45 = 90
17 and Under 2 x 40 = 80                             2 x 45 = 90
16 and Under 2 x 35 = 70                             2 x 40 = 80
15 and Under 2 x 35 = 70                             2 x 40 = 80
14 and Under 2 x 30 = 60                             2 x 35 = 70
13 and Under 2 x 30 = 60                            2 x 35 = 70


Posting Scores:

Posting Scores / Game Status

1. Go to www.fslsocer.com
2. Select Schedules
3. Select Scores (grey button on the right above venue)
4. Select division, date  etc.
5. Your password is (was emailed to you)
6. Enter Score or please change status to completed and feel free to add a game comment.
7. If game got cancelled etc. please select the correct status and add a comment in the Game Summery Box.

It is the Winning Team responsibility to call in/post the score by the following Wednesday. If the game ends in a tie it is the team listed as the home team responsibility. Failure to do so we will post it as a lost.


Guest Players / Club Passes:
4 guest players are allowed from within the club.

Game Cards & Roster

Game Card: To print a game card please click here
Roster: Please bring to FYSA rosters to each game

G-U15-U19: We are still adding games! So please keep checking your schedule.

Additional games incl. rain-outs etc will be added in the spring in prep for State Cup & Region Cup.

Girls U13 & 14:
We created a U13 Blue – U13 Green – U14 Blue – U14 Green – U13/14 Red (4 games +)
As you can see we added additional rounds by Blue Div vs Green Div.

ODP Dates:
Region A: 9/29/12
Region B: 10/12/2012
Region C: 10/20/2012
FYSA Auberndale: 10/27/12

Teams applied click here

If you want to play additional games against the 4 games plus teams or other teams please let me know. Don’t forget to provide me with a date!!!!


Game Dates Girls:
U15-U18: season will start on 8/26-26
Game Dates: 8/25-26, 9/ 15-16, 9/22-23, 10/20-21 &
Rain Out Dates: 9/28-29 & 10/13-14 & 10/27-28
U13-U14: Season will start 9/8-9

No dual rostered players.

12/21/11: Reminder to All FYSA Affiliates

Please remind your referee assignors that only certified assignors (assignors that FSR has listed on their approved list) are approved as an FSR Assignor after January 1, 2012. If you choose to act as an assignor after December 31, 2011, you will be in violation of ethics and rules and regulations and subject to disciplinary proceedings. Please take the necessary steps required to re-certify in the new year.

Any affiliate allowing a non-certified referee assignors to assign games for them will be in violation of FYSA rules. The affiliate will be responsible for any penalties that could affect their affiliation with us. It is the affiliates responsibility to verify that the assignor is certified.

Rain-Out Dates:
Girls U14: 11/12+13 — 11/19+20 — 12/3+4 — 2/11+12, 1/28+29
Girls U13: 11/12+13 — 11/19+20, 12/3+4, 1/28+29 — 2/11+12, 3/3+4

Who assigns referee’s?
The hosting club (incl neutral location) will assign referee’s.
FSL does not assign ref’s !!!

Referee Fees should not be higher than fees charged at State Cup.
Teams will split the fees 50/50 and will have to pay the refs before each game.
2 games/day U13-14 Total: $ 80 ($40/&20/$20)
2 games/day U15-19 Total $ 100 ($50/$25/$25)

single game U15-U19 Total: $ 120 ($60/$30/$30)
single game U13-14 Total: 100 ($50/$25/$25

In some areas the fees are lower. FSL goes by what the host chargers but not higher than the above fees.

Red Cards:
Please fax report to 321-253-5908 or email to tony@mpinet.net.
There will be a $ 25 fine for each red card given to a player.

Uniform conflicts:
Away team will have to change uniforms if there is a conflict

Tournaments & FSL games:
Please understand that we can not schedule games around every single tournament in Florida.

Rescheduling league games?
Girls: please contact info@fslsoccer.com before contacting teams.
Boys: please contact fslkyx@yahoo.com before contacting teams.
Provide reason why rescheduling games. After approval you have to contact all teams involved and if they agree it will be fine with us. However – all teams involved have to agree to a new date before we reschedule the games.

Clubs/Teams, by committing and getting accepted in the FSL, agree to abide by all league and FYSA rules and regulations. In addition, the club will notify league officials 3 weeks in advance before canceling a scheduled match. Failure to do so may result in a fine up to $500.00 the team being placed not in good standing. This can result in the team having all its games nullified”.


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